Chance x Childish 

Thirteen (2003)

Another late night suggestion.

Not sure where I found this one, probably a tumblr gif. 

Honestly best way to find anything really.

I know I’m eleven years late on the fan wagon for this one, but…

Its definitely an under-rated should be classic movie.

Watching angsty teens doing drugs and being angsty? What is not to love?

Also another one feat. Brady Corbet. He may be a new favorite 

You know what’s a good freaking movie?

Mysterious Skin (2004) 

On nights where you just can’t sleep, I more than suggest it. 

I found it from a gif on tumblr and decided to watch because it has a young Joseph-Gordon Levitt in it, but then again whats new? 

Serious issues. Beautiful script. Amazing characters. 

I’ll warn you that it is weird, and will make you think. A lot.

But thats why I absolutely love it. 

I also loved Brady Corbet’s role and character, Brian. He is beyond under-rated.


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I think about something and then I can’t stop..

..thinking about it, no matter what it is, no matter how small, and it eats away at me and I get hot and I can’t breath and it sounds so stupid and I’m trying to stop and avoid it but it keeps happening and I hate it and now I don’t want to leave my room again.